S UK Driving School | Northolt, South Harrow, Wembley, Sudbury, Greenford, Southall


Learning to Drive

Offering lessons in brand new manual or automatic cars, our driving instructors help individuals to pass their practical driving test. You will be picked up and dropped off at your home, or a location that suits you.

We charge £20 per lesson normally, a lesson will last 50 minutes.

However, we encourage students to secure our block-booking discount.

For just £194.95 you will be able to arrange a pack of 10 lessons for manual car.  first  lesson will be charge  £14.95  and remaining 9 lessons  will be £20.00 each lesson), total you pay £194.95.

Not only that when one block booking has finished, you can buy again an other block of 10 driving lessons pack for just £194.95 .

No extra charge for evenings and weekends. 

Automatic driving lessons will be charged £20 per lesson or £194.95 for 10 lessons.

Local test centres fee will be £85 only (provide car for test purpose). 

you need to give us 2 days notice to book, cancel or change lesson.

A Comprehensive Driving Course

Often referred to as a crash driving course, signing up for a number of driving lessons in a short period of time is the preferred method of some learner drivers to gain their licence. Although we do offer these courses, which are available at short-notice, the length and cost of the course will depend on your individual driving ability.

Driving lessons available throughout Northolt, South Harrow, Wembley, Sudbury, Greenford, Southall and surrounding areas with an experiences and qualified driving instructor.